Meetings at the Hotel Goldenes Lamm

Conference in the Pfefferstube lounge

Our “Pfefferstube” was finished and furnished in 2017. The light-filled room is about 30 square meters and has a fixed flat screen and its own Wi-Fi hotspot. In addition, we provide the usual meeting equipment such as flipchart, pinboard and facilitator’s toolcase.

Room Rental

Daily rate € 150

Room rental only applies if no conference package is booked or for conferences with less than 8 people.

Conference package – from 8 people

  • New meeting room
  • 2 coffee breaks with fruit, pastries and snack
  • 1 lunch with 2 courses (starter/soup or dessert + main course to choose from)
  • All non-alcoholic beverages with conference and meal
  • Coffee, cappuccino, espresso or latte after the meal
  • Meeting room as described, incl. flat screen TV and other conference technology

At a price of € 49 per person, including service and 19% VAT.

Seating (free)
Relaxed room seating 22 people
Block max. 16 people
T-formation max. 16 people
2 blocks max. 22 people